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Module 2: St Benedict and the Rule

St Benedict was born in Norcia, Italy, around the year 480. He sought to find God through prayer and a life of simplicity. After long meditation on the Scriptures, he wrote the Rule of Benedict, which continues to be followed by people throughout the world to this day.

Filled with the Scriptures, and based on humility and obedience, it is a guide for living a balanced, simple, and prayerful life. Benedict called it ‘a little rule for beginners’, and it survives as a masterpiece of spiritual wisdom which is as meaningful today as it was when it was written in the sixth century.



St Benedict and the Rule



Benedict and the Seeking of God

Elizabeth Brennan SGS



To be a pilgrim in the midst of ordinary people living ordinary lives

Marella Rebgetz SGS

Narrated by Jen Petschler



Click for quiet reflective music and then click on Reflection: The Rule of St Benedict

Reflection: The Rule of St Benedict

Music by Chris Dutton



Prayer of St Benedict



Feast of St Benedict 2021 Reflection

Natalie Acton


The Life of St Benedict

Carey-Elwes & Wybourne


Benedict’s Tools for Peace

Margaret Malone SGS



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